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Project 150 is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 community-based organization with a primary objective to increase the viability and recognition of youth in Southern Nevada. Project 150's Scholarship Program is one of the many vehicles used by our organization to ensure that students are provided assistance to achieve higher education goals.

This program is open to all high school seniors and current college students who would like to apply for financial assistance to attend any of Nevada's higher education institutions including ANY accredited vocational training institute. Applications are accepted beginning in October and close in March. Awards are announced in late May/Early June and awardees are invited to the annual Award Luncheon in June.

​The Annual Scholarship Award Celebration is our favorite event of the year! This event recognizes and honors the recipient's hard work and dedication to their education. This event acknowledges and gives thanks to the generous sponsors and supporters who make education possible for deserving students.

Scholarships Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a resident of Nevada.
  • Attend or plan to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Nevada, Reno, the College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State University or ANY accredited vocational training institute in the state of Nevada during the scholarship award year, completing a minimum of 9 credits (three classes) per semester.
  • Must complete the FAFSA or Alternative Form (visit your college’s financial aid website page for the Alternative form).
  • This scholarship is only for students pursuing their bachelors, associates, or certification.
  • Must fulfill requirements for one of the two scholarship application categories below.

1. Graduating High School Senior:

  • Currently attending a high school in Nevada.
  • Seniors attending a University/Community College must have 3.0 weighted GPA. Seniors attending a Skilled Trade Program must have a minimum of 2.0 weighted GPA. Note, we may ask for your final transcript post the application deadline to confirm you meet our GPA requirements.
  • Be actively involved in community volunteer service.

2. Current College Student:

  • Currently attending or plan to attend one of the above named post-secondary institutions.
  • Have maintained a 2.75 GPA and/or with the school required cumulative grade point average based on a 4.00 scale. Note, we may ask for your final transcript post the application deadline to confirm you meet our GPA requirements.
  • Enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits (three classes) per semester.
  • Be actively involved in community volunteer service.

Evaluation Criteria

The Scholarship Reviewing Committee will consider all applicants based on the following:

  • Academic records
  • Community service or activities
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation (first time and second year returning applicants only)
  • Financial need
  • Essay - use correct grammar and spelling
  • Consideration of work experience and/or family responsibilities
  • Personal interview with the Project 150 Scholarship Committee Panel

Required Documentation

Please review your application packet carefully before submitting and keep a copy for your records. Failure to provide any of these documents will disqualify your application. 

  1. Application: Fully complete and submit the application online.
  2. Transcripts: Provide your most current unofficial transcript (no payment for official transcripts are necessary) from the school you are attending.
  3. Letter of Recommendation: Provide a current letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor on school/college letterhead that addresses the following topics:
    • Academic/extracurricular achievements
    • Personal qualities such as motivation, leadership, and commitment
    • Potential of recipient.
    • Those who are returning applicants in their third and fourth year, do not have to provide a letter.
  4. Financial Summary: This can be found in your MyCSN, MyUNLV, MyUNR, or MyNSC under "Finances – View Financial Aid – Choose academic year" and save as PDF or screenshot page shown. This page should have a breakdown of financial aid per semester, including other scholarships you are receiving. If no information is shared at time of application submission, please provide a document stating you have not received it.  
  5. Essay: Students must submit an essay covering a prompt based on their college level. Essays must be at least 500 words.

Award Notification

All applicants will receive application status updates via online portal.

Recipients, please note that:

  • Once awarded, you must complete 30 volunteer hours (at least 15 hours need to be completed with Project 150, the other 15 can be done with another agency).
  • Scholarships are NOT transferable between institutions. Your scholarship can only be used at the institution identified on your application. If you know you will be switching from a community college to a university, please identify this on your application (i.e. “Attending CSN for Fall 2024 and UNLV Spring 2025).
  • You must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 to retain your scholarship during the award year.
  • Academic Probation If you fail to meet the minimum requirements in any semester in which you receive funding, you will receive a strike. A letter must be sent to the Programs Manager as to why you did not meet the requirements. Eligibility can be regained only once by meeting all of the requirements listed above in your next semester. Loss of eligibility a second time will permanently remove you from the program.  

How to Apply

1. Register

Click on the "Register" link and complete and submit the registration form.

2. Login

Login to the award with your email and password.

3. Create

Create your online application. 

4. Save

During the Call for Applications period, your application can be saved as DRAFT until all the required information is completed and attachments uploaded. As each section is complete, you will see a appear in the category tab when the application is saved. At any time, you can download and print your application by clicking on the icon in the Application Summary section.

5. Submit

On completion, save your Nomination as FINAL. Download and print a copy of your application for your records by clicking on the icon in the Application Summary section in the right column. Note: If an update is required prior to the Call for Applications period, you can make the update and resave as FINAL.

If you require assistance or additional information, please contact the Award Administrator.

Scholarship Timeline
Application Open October 6, 2023
Application Close March 4, 2024
Interview Timeline
Interview Open April 17, 2024
Interview Close April 19, 2024
Selection Notifications
Notifications Date May 13, 2024
Scholarship Award Celebration
Celebration Date June 19, 2024

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